An important part of my work has been dedicated to bridging the gap between the atomic scale description and the continuum description of matter. To achieve this I used, in collaboration with Chay Goldenberg, Anne Tanguy and Jean-Louis Barrat, a new coarse- grained method to provide, consistently with conservation equations of continuum mechanics, precise definitions of the fields of continuum mechanics (strain, stress, elastic moduli) at a local coarse-grained scale. In particular I used this approach to calculate the local elasticity map (figure 5) of the polydisperse model glass. As can be seen on figure 5 the glass appears as a composite material composed of a rigid scaffolding (red) and of soft zones (blue/green) and we showed that one can use this new local elastic order parameter to relate structure and dynamics in the deformed glass. Moreover this novel approach has been highly regarded by the international scientific community and has paved the way to experimental predictive studies of the damage in glasses by local measurements (Raman spectroscopy, acoustic measurements).